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What We Do

We are a Texas based mobile advertising vehicle company that specializes in offering unique alternatives to traditional advertising. We implement strategic marketing campaigns that feature our glass walled display vehicles, like the with 12’ and 18’ Glass Walled Display Trucks and the Advertising Display Cube as well as the Mobile Billboard Trucks – in cities throughout Texas. We operate billboard trucks, bicycle teams and branded Segways in addition to our glass wall vehicles.

Texas Mobile Advertising provides a variety of advertising vehicles throughout every major market in Texas. Whether your preferred area is Houston or Dallas, when you hire Texas Mobile Advertising, we help create a custom, pre-determined route during prime time traffic to maximize the effect of your advertising campaign. Our presentation is an experience that can not be forgotten, as our mobile advertising vehicles fascinate people every time we go by and they go out of their way to watch. We strive to create incomparable attention-grabbing marketing and advertising solutions that deliver results that simply cannot be found in traditional media.

Clorox Glass Walled Display Vehicle
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How We Got Here

Texas Mobile Advertising is the newly launched branch of the successful Dallas-based company, Bulldog Mobile Billboards . Since the creation in 2006, the Company has run more than 650 mobile advertising campaigns across the country.  Our Texas license plates have been admired during cross country campaigns and on national television shows and commercials. Today, Texas Mobile Advertising is an award winning firm that is proud to feature clients’ stories on a variety of mobile advertising vehicles, nationwide. Our home base in the great state of Texas enables us to quickly react to your campaign needs with Texas style. This new branch, Texas Mobile Advertising, focuses on working to target and provide exemplary service especially for our Texas clients.

Mobile billboard advertising10-Run Mercy Rule
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Where We Are Going

We work each day to revolutionize the advertising industry. Businesses are searching for new and creative ways to get brand messaging through to consumers. Mobile Advertising Vehicles give them a medium that reaches valuable prospects. Ours are not typical advertising that people often ignore. Our vehicles grab your potential customer’s attention and do not let go. In today’s chaotic media climate, this breakthrough is hard to find.

Texas Mobile Advertising is continuously studying market trends and innovations, searching for role models and approaching new partners to expand our horizons. With the launch of this Texas-focused branch, we built additional billboard trucks as well as new XL Glass Walled Display Trucks designed to showcase your products and services. These new trucks will help us better serve our growing clients’ needs.

Mobile billboard truck advertising for Freebirds
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Frequency, Flexibility & Penetration

This is what you should demand from your advertising – and you get it with our mobile vehicles and street teams. You name the target and we become the driving force that gets your message in front of your potential buyers. We have the flexibility that you can not find with other media. You can change your marketing message by the week, by the day, or even every hour! Want to use the same ads again at a later date? Not a problem! We will store it for you. We can do what TV, Radio, Newspaper and stationary billboards can not match- and we do it for less!

Our routes are determined for each client. We strategically drive and park where your buyers go! Whether we are targeting one or several major markets simultaneously, we take direction from our client as park and drive routes plans are created. We go after your target market for grand openings, product launches and special tours.

texas mobile billboard advertising
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Route Analysis

People always ask, do you just drive around all day? The answer is absolutely not! We study current department of transportation traffic analysis to develop routes on the highly trafficked intersections at the busiest times of the day. We do not just drive through these intersections either. At Texas Mobile Billboards, we drive the intersections in clover leaf fashion to provide our advertisers the most impressions possible.

We guarantee our customers drive time hours each week based on their selected day time, night time, weekday and weekend routes. We guarantee and prove performance with digital photos and our independent, on-line GPS reporting tool.
Media Comparison

With our advertising trucks, Texas Mobile Advertising delivers the most eye-catching, innovative and cost effective advertising in the market today. Your advertising dollars will not only gain more impressions and higher-impact advertising, but you will receive them at a lower cost. And, we handle everything!

Whether you’re looking to increase market awareness, open a new store or launch a new record – let Texas Mobile Advertising deliver for you!

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Average CPM Comparison: Adults 18+


Half Page B&W$23.32

Quarter Page B&W$11.66


00:30 Second ROS$20.54


00:60 Drive-Time$7.28


4-Color Full Page$9.62



Mobile Billboards

WITH Daily Proof of Performance Available$2.60

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