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Urgent Care Truck Billboard

Did you know that…

Mobile vehicle advertising has a recall rate of 97%!
(RYP & Becker Group)

The Texas Mobile Advertising billboard truck fleet includes a growing number of billboard trucks that are driven at our client’s direction. We take your art and install billboards, and then strategically drive and park for an average of 8 hours a day. Imagine your full page magazine or newspaper ad – then add full color and add to the size a few THOUSAND PERCENT in square footage.

Then imagine that someone is driving around town showing that magazine or newspaper advert for EIGHT STRAIGHT hours to numerous targeted readers at a time. This is a lot different than your investment in a periodical that is read once before heading to the recycle bin, at best.

Minimum Run Time:

1 Day

Number of Display Areas:

2 plus the option of a vinyl wrapped back door.

Complete Vinyl Wrap:


Campaign Type:

Dedicated Campaign Only

Traffic Type:

High or Low Pedestrian Traffic