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Glass Walled Display Vehicles

Did you know that…

80% of Americans say they have walked over 6 miles in metro areas (Arbitron and EMR) 29% of Americans are in cars up to 2 hours a day!

Glass cube display for Whirlpool

Advertising Display Cube

The Advertising Display Cube is a completely transparent vehicle that can be utilized to take your brand to the next level.

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glass wall mobile billboard truck

XL Glass Walled Display Truck

The XL Glass Walled Display Truck allows for your scene to be displayed in an 8 x 18 ft area. This truck can also be vinyl wrapped for overall branding.

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Clorox Glass Display Truck

Glass Walled Display Truck

Turn our glass walled display truck into a mobile showroom! The truck is transformed from a panel displaying medium into a scene for branding built around your specifications.

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Did you know that…

Moible vehicle advertising has a recall rate of 97%!
(RYP & Becker Group)

Mobile vehicle advertising can generate up to 250% more of an impression than a static billboard. (PRS)

A conservative estimate using 120,000 impressions made during a 10-hour day shows a CPM rate of less than $6.00 for outdoor mobile vehicle advertising.