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Texas Mobile Advertising

Mobile Billboards & Advertising Vehicles in Texas

We're a Texas based mobile billboard advertising company that specializes in making a big ole Texan impact for your clients. Our Texas license plates have been admired during cross country campaigns and on national television shows and commercials. However, our specialty is implementing strategic marketing campaigns that feature our glass walled display advertising vehicle like the Glass Walled Display Trucks, the Advertising Display Cube and the Mobile Billboard Trucks - in cities throughout Texas. We have conducted more than 400 campaigns to date nationwide. Our home base in the great state of Texas enables us to quickly react to your campaign needs with Texas style. Whether touring cities throughout the state or combining our fleet with our strategic partnerships, we can cover dozens of markets simultaneously to get your message out quickly.

XL Glass Walled Display

TXDOT is trying to save lives in Texas by reducing drunk driving accidents. We have toured all over the state with programs promoting a simple concept: Have a P.A.S.S. or a person appointed to stay sober (and drive home safely)!

At Texas Mobile Advertising, we would be happy to discuss your marketing needs today. After completing more than 375 mobile advertising vehicle campaigns, we simply need the following to get started: *Your target city(s) *Your favorite advertising vehicle * The number of vehicles and * Your marketing objectives. Or, you can complete the engagement form on the Contact Us page of this website. We promise to respond within 24 hours.


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Advertising Vehicles

Mobile Advertising Vehicles just work!  If you are tired of spending marketing budgets on legacy forms of advertising, try our fleet one time. Whether you employ our glass walled concept trucks, the Cube, a bicycle street team or the larger than life static billboard trucks, your ads will not be thrown away, turned off or disregarded.  We will work hard to grab your potential customer’s attention.  We will keep their focus with full color, larger than life advertising that helps your bottom line.